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Cattle Group Forms Special Task Force to Consider mRNA “Vaccination” of Food Animals

icon Jan 11, 2024

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icon April 27, 2023


I don’t trust the government on ANYHING. And I don’t trust those who DO trust the government. ANY government! I won’t be buying meat anymore! Not to worry. There are other sources of protein.

icon April 27, 2023


I am 100% against mRNA gene editing vaccines. Man is not smarter than God, as has been demonstrated with the Covid19 gene editing vaccines. Don’t destroy the beef industry by injecting this madness into cattle.

icon April 27, 2023


Too late. I’m done with beef from your system. Governments worldwide, especially the hostile occupation US government, cannot be trusted.

icon April 27, 2023


Need to propose national legislation to permanently ban MRNA injections in any livestock or produce. Have written to my state and local reps but apparently they are not interested.

icon April 27, 2023


Soon, you’re going to have to move to the mountains of some anonymous third world country to even have a chance at eating healthy, rather than dying of a passel of diseases of ‘unknown’ origin. This country is so finished that they do not automatically reject and detest this outright, even as the nation is still reeling from the deadly clot shot fiasco.

icon April 27, 2023


This is why I raise my own livestock I no longer trust the government or the medical industry

icon April 27, 2023


…except for the tiny detail that no mRNA vaccine to date alters the host genome.

People are conflating a study that showed LINE-1 reverse transcription of an mRNA vaccine in a Huh7 cell culture (Aldén et al., 2022 Doi: 10.3390/cimb44030073) with one on the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself (Zhang et al., 2021 Doi: 10.1073/pnas.210596811).

Invariably, the authors of articles like this don’t take the time to actually review the primary literature, or even look up just what defines a gene therapy as compared to the mRNA vaccines to date.

The current vaccines do not alter the host genome, nor do they directly interact with the host genome to alter gene expression. Any and all effects they do cause are the result of the metabolic load the introduce through the translation of their mRNA payload via the host system.

But I’m just a molecular biologist. What could I possibly know about this, right?

icon April 27, 2023


Why sure, beef filled with blood clots. That’ll sell.

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